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    Your web browser is just like the tires on your truck or car. You never think about them, but if they weren't there, then chances are you're not going anywhere. As soon as something goes wrong, you notice.

    I bet you're reading this on a version of Microsoft's Internet Explorer. It's the browser that's included on computers with all Windows operating systems. Alot of people use Windows, and they don't give it a second thought to which browser they're using. Some people aren't aware that they can use what ever browser they wish.

    Many choices are out there, but one of them has been steadily invading Internet Explorer's dominance. It's called Mozilla Firefox. Firefox has been building a huge group of dedicated users who like to spread their interests by word of mouth.

    For some time, it looked like Microsoft's Internet Explorer wasn't going anywhere's. Its competitors included Netscape Navigator and the AOL Browser -- and it really out did them both. When Firefox first appeared it had a tough time of it but it's popularity has increased alot, expecially among developers and web admins.

    There are quite a free web browsers out there today but Mozilla Firefox has become one of the best. Firefox includes options such as pop-up blocking, tabbed browsing, and increased security. Firefox also allows users to customize the browser to their individual preferences and needs through the use of extensions and themes. Also, Firefox stores many hidden preferences which can be used to turn on or off many other features.

    Mozilla Firefox is one of the most useful browsers out there on the internet, and best of all it's free. Mozilla Firefox has many unique features, and it is overall a very good product.

    You can get your free copy of the Mozilla Firefox browser on the Mozilla download page.

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