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Now, I Know You're Anxious To Get Started, So Here We Go...

This is extremely easy, so just follow the steps and don't complicate things.

Start with the recordings below which explain the three parts to the affiliate compensation plan; The total time needed to listen to all 3 parts are approx. 12 minutes, a cup of Coffee is all.... ENJOY :)

1. Medicus Global, 2 X 20 Matrix

2. 10% Matching Check Bonus

3. Medicus Treasure Chest ( MTC )....Leadership Bonus


Listen to the latest call as it covers the Medical Service & Compensation Plan in approx 30 minutes and this includes Q&As from the people on the call.

VISUAL / AUDIO RECORDING FOR : Tuesday, June 25th 2015


Check out this PDF file that gives a great overview of the Company and the Business.

Medicus - Providing The Future Of HealthCare



Once the sign up process is completed you can sign in to your backoffice using the sign in information that you provided during the sign up process. You can sign in HERE.

Below are some guidelines to help you set up your replicated Website.
  • Please go to your back office and click on PROFILE.
  • Look to the right and you will see an OVAL feature with the words " My Personal Information ", please click those words.
  • On the next page, you can upload your avatar image and you can click the boxes associated to your Social Media sites as needed.
  • You can also type a Title in your HOMEPAGE TITLE box.
  • You can type in your short message in the CONTACT PAGE DESCRIPTION, so your prospects will know how to contact you.
  • You then would click SAVE at the bottom of the page. You can ALWAYS go back to this page and edit your info. Just click SAVE each time.
  • NOTE =>> Take notice to the Replicated Link on each page in your back office showing to the right of the company logo and the words "My Personal Website " . That is YOUR Replicated Link and is UNIQUE to your current ID# in the Matrix. You can simply COPY & PASTE those words showing and send it to your prospects OR click the box next to it that says " COPY " and you can paste the actual URL of your site when sending to a prospect.
    Once you sign up you will receive a "Welcome Email" that will direct you to a very detailed, comprehensive training website that will give you every single thing you need to run this business.  

    Here's some of the information you will be given on the training site:  

    1.  Instructions on how to get a website just like this one.
    2.  Tested and proven ways to advertise your website that will bring fast and consistent traffic.
    3.  Pre-written emails to use for your prospects and new members, .
    4.  Sample subject lines and ads.
    5.  Online marketing tools, etc.
    You are not left alone to figure things out!  Our main focus with Medicus will be to help everyone on our team succeed. We will work as a team, because we WILL BE a Team! Keep in mind that there will be Customers who can benefit from this great service and Affiliates who want to build a home business (or both). The choice is yours.

    Joe Rispoli

    Contact Me for more information..

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